About Cynthia Neale

I am the author of ‘Norah, The Making of an Irish-American Woman in 19th Century New York,’ (March 1, 2011/ Lucky Press, LLC) and two young adult historical fiction novels, ‘The Irish Dresser’ and ‘Hope in New York City.’  I have also written plays, essays, and short stories.  I am a native of the Finger Lakes region in New York and now reside in New Hampshire.  What do I especially enjoy? Reading, writing, Irish set dancing, waltzing, walking, learning about nature, some traveling, Irish sean nos dancing, art classes and painting, baking fanciful desserts, kayaking, creating events for food, dance, and fund raising, invisible volunteering, laughing until it hurts, and dreaming about possibilities.

6 Responses to About Cynthia Neale

  1. Cynthia,
    So lovely to read about you and to see you again. I am so happy you persevered!

    • cynthianeale says:

      I went on your web site and enjoyed reading about your writing life and success. I have a 22 year old daughter in her last year at Lesley U and she also has a few friends at Emerson. Creative kids, but how will they make a living! Thank you for your workshop all those years ago that was part of my inspiration process to persevere.

  2. so nice to meet another woman–I will definitely buy and read your books. My great grandmother’s name was Norah Rhen, and she came from Ireland about the same time frame–not sure of her circumstances. I live in the Finger Lakes region, just south of Watkins Glen. I, too, had red hair most of my life and hated it as a child! (and I wanted to dye it green as many of the girls in parochial school did on St. Patrick’s Day but my mother~Nora~ would not let me!) As I grew older, much older, I came to love my red hair and blue eyes…although, now my hair has turned more blond as I have aged. I expect to relate well to your characters~will keep you posted!


    • cynthianeale says:

      Oh, all this social media networking is really incredible, isn’t it? Discipline and artful web browsing…I am going to be in Montour Falls, NY at the Montour Cafe on May 7th to sell and sign books. I will also be in Rochester at McGraw’s Pub on May 1st. I am planning on being in the area about a month to promote my book and visit family. Maybe you could come to one of my events. Check out my web site to see the details. I sure could have used another redheaded friend growing up! Interested in your fabrics and sewing, too (something I don’t do, but you might find it interesting that Norah herself takes a liking to…

  3. JoAnn says:

    Your response to sipping tears, left a trail of one down my face! i shared it on FB!

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